Peri Winkle is the solo project of the Australian -Norwegian interdisciplinary artist Claudia Cox.  
This project has been bubbling quietly during the pandemic, but after a near death acrobatics accident in September 2021 it has profoundly changed and accelerated the inception of Peri Winkle. 

Her debut single draws heavily from her close encounter with death and the psychological implications of standing face to face with oblivion. Collaborating with Peder Kolsung on production (Sigrid) they have created a genre bending sound world with tastes of glitchcore, satanic electroglitch pop, hyperpop, rap, metal, synthpop, existentialism, artpop, new music, and experimental near death glitchcore pop. 

Composer and Producer:  Claudia Cox, Peder Kolsung
Lyrics:  Claudia Cox, Peder Kolsung
Arrangor:  Claudia Cox, Peder Kolsung 
Mix:  Simon Bergseth
Mastering:  George Tanderø
Utøvere:  Claudia Cox, Peder Kolsung.

SLIME Records

Format: Digital single
Release date: 24.02.2022

Is the debut single of Peri Winkle.
Coming out 24.02.23 via SLIME Records.

An existential bomb about losing every part of who you are just to rediscover yourself again. One must be sane to think clearly but one can think deeply and be quite insane. Ouroboros is a manifestation of change, of new you meets old you in the eyes of death and rebirth. 

Following her recovery from her accident, Peri Winkle has created a mysterious witchy track from her near death experience. 

Peri Winkle:

Last year I was in an acrobatic accident where I had a near death experience. I fell from 3 metres head first into a stage floor. Brutal, It all happened so quickly and I was extremely lucky to survive this accident. I broke my nose, left arm, and ligaments in my right wrist. 

For 6 months I was bedridden, faced with a very heavy concussion, and the psychological implications of processing this accident were extremely tough and took a huge toll on my mental health.I was on sick leave for almost a year in recovery, and has been a surprising blessing 


I had a near death experience during my fall. I have honestly struggled accepting this myself and telling people. At some point during my fall I felt myself fly outside of my body, where time froze and stretched infinitely, I felt memories pass though me where I was floating inside a tunnel, an abyss, I was surrounded by love and yet somehow I knew it was not my time. I felt like i was existing in that moment falling throughout my death in multiple realities at the same time. Seeing and feeling it again and again from all possible angles.

An ethereal experience which I do not expect anyone to accept nor understand but nonetheless I believe this story should be shared.

Before I worked as a violinist and acrobat and because of the nature of my injuries following the accident I had no choice but to begin singing, and writing my own music. I have taken this experience with me into everything I create in the future and has been a huge inspiration for Ouroboros. 

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